Ask Aiden: For Couples

Spank Me!

Question from Ben: My wife and I are new to bondage and we have discovered that she really gets aroused [...]

Be Loving

Question from Thomas: Hi Aiden, how do I get my girlfriend to like bondage?  I have been wanting her to [...]

Anal Sex

Question from Brady: I have a question about preparing for anal sex. No matter how much I clean it seems [...]

BDSM Pain?

Question from Daniel: Does the BDSM hurt? Aiden Answers: BDSM can involve pain that can trigger the brain to experience [...]


Question from Jamie: Could you please tell us how to get her to lactate during a bondage session. She has lactated [...]

Tens Unit

Question from Craig: We have a tens unit and I was wondering where to put the pads around her pussy and [...]

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