World-famous adult performer Aiden Starr and BDSM expert Ian Rath want to teach you a lesson! Welcome to XR University, a free-of-charge BDSM tutorial workshop, where our hosts are joined each month by one of your favorite adult stars to discuss and demonstrate a different element of kink! Both beginners and enthusiasts will discover sensual scenes that offer tips to develop their skills, as well as advice on how to initiate and build trust, have an honest dialogue with your partner, and most importantly, how to be safe. The audio PodCast of the show is available on all of the top PodCasting networks worldwide.

Co-Host: Aiden Starr


Aiden Starr is an American Pornographic actor, Dominatrix, Writer, Producer, and Film director. Aiden got their start in the Adult entertainment industry while attending New York University. A friend of theirs worked in the BDSM scene happening in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City and Aiden found a job at one of the locations as their phone person helping to get clients.

After some time, Aiden began to see their own clients and developed a name for themself. Around 2003, Aiden moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in adult acting and directing. Since then, they have been nominated for and won numerous adult industry awards and accolades. Aiden joined Ian Rath during the first season of XR University. Teaching had always been a passion of theirs and these co-hosts hit it off and have been educating and entertaining as long-time friends since the beginning!

Co-Host: Ian Rath

Ian RathIan Rath has been in the scene for over 25 years. He started one of the first fetish photography websites online in 1998, Ian Rath’s It was the beginning of online porn and bondage in the early 2000’s. “It was the Wild West!, and it was an astonishing time!” In taking on this new role as both a lifestyle and professional Dom, he dove in headfirst and learned a lot about BDSM. Ian was lucky enough to learn from amazing Pro-Dommes such as Isabella Sinclair and Sabrina Belladonna who understood pacing and how to really tune into their submissives.

Ian Rath is currently a photographer, videographer, director, and male Dom. He has been working at eXtreme Restraints since 2012 and is one of the hosts of XR University along with Aiden Starr. He believes that good communication skills are really what’s needed to be in the scene, “How else are you supposed to talk to somebody about your sexual needs? Up front and honest communication skills are what you need and what you have to keep working on.” It was Ian’s idea to do an educational series when he started working for XR. “I thought there was so much bad info out there about bondage and BDSM that it was time for some good information to be given on the subject.” The show has been going on strong for over a decade with longtime friend Aiden Starr, and they’re still educating and providing one of the best shows on kink around!