Season 10

Roleplay with Charlotte Sins

Fantasize about role play scenes? Want to be a kinky animal? Enjoy the idea of "breeding" fantasies? On this episode of XR University, we get into our favorite part of BDSM, the element of having fun and playing! Everyone has a fantasy. How do we talk about it and bring it into the bedroom? Our hosts Aiden Starr, Ian Rath and their guest Charlotte Sins dive into the psychology of role play and show us some of the toys that are great tools to make it happen!

Bondage Gear with Destiny Cruz

Ian and Aiden, are joined by the vibrant Destiny Cruz to discuss the headspace and communication involved with proper, professional, fun, and stimulating bondage play. If you're wondering about Episode #112 that episode was too visual for an audio podcast. We suggest heading to our site for that one.

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