Question from Craig: We have a tens unit and I was wondering where to put the pads around her pussy and ass to make her feel good and come? I do not want to make it hurt if so she will not do it again.I have gotten her to try new things and want to go slow, so she will keep trying new things.

Aiden Answers: First, I would like to applaud your intent of pleasure! If more partners thought like you, the world would be a better place. Yes, electro can be used to enhance sexual sensation without pain. A tens unit is the perfect choice for this endeavor. Everyone’s body is different so each person will prefer the pads in a different place for maximum enjoyment.  I find that putting the pads on the “sweet spot” on the bottom works for most people.  In case you’ve never traveled there in your sexual adventures, the sweet spot is located roughly where the buttocks meet the thighs. This is a major nerve center. They can also be placed higher on the ass or on the lower abdomen, or thighs. The purpose of the tens unit is to cause involuntary muscle contractions that trigger increased blood flow as well as a “ripple” effect to the muscles around them. Since orgasm is essential a group of muscles contracting, this can definitely increase the magnitude of the entire experience. Remember, however, not to turn it up too high! Increase the power by slowly manipulating the dials for the desired effect.

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