Question from Ben: My wife and I are new to bondage and we have discovered that she really gets aroused with spanking. It had got to the point that she wants it every time we become intimate. I enjoy it as well but, my concern is going too far and really hurting her. What is your advice to approach this subject before it happens? Thank you.

Aiden Answers: Well, first off – YAY!  Erotic spanking is one of my favorite things!  Second, have you looked at our videos describing where and how to hit?  If not, don’t wait!  Go now 🙂  Third, and most important, as long as you keep communication during the spanking and being very open, you’ll be okay.  Remember to check in with your partner.  Avoid too much bruising.  Don’t hit a no-no spot.  Don’t forget to have fun!  Smile and be connective!