Question from Monica: I’m just now getting in a Dom/sub relationship  (i’m sub) & it’s through text/phone, my question, is it possible to have this kind of relationship long distance? He’s very patient in teaching me ways of this lifestyle which I feel very lucky to have found a Dom who cares about me & my needs.

Aiden Answers: The enjoyment of long-distance relationships will vary from person to person based on individual preference rather than type.  By this I mean, you either like long distance or you don’t.  I can do it but need to set a time frame by which either party will relocate.  Ask yourself, do I want to have a relationship with someone that I don’t get to see very often?  How much time and affection do I feel like I want from my partner?  These answers are the answers to your question.  It’s about how you feel, not about the type of relationship – unless it is for you!  By this I mean, maybe in a vanilla relationship you would want your partner around all the time, involved in your social circle, etc.  But maybe in a D/s relationship, it’s enough for you to meet several times per year at BDSM retreat and keep it casual.  The question is for you to answer, not me. How do you feel about, it sweetie?  Take your feeling into account as the most important ones in your romantic life and you will never go wrong!