Question from Jamie: Could you please tell us how to get her to lactate during a bondage session. She has lactated when she was pregnant, it was 8 yes ago and we’d like to incorporate this into our play. Thanks for your help.

Aiden Answers: Lactation is one of my favorite fetishes!  I’ve been lucky enough to work with women who had just given birth and were able to squirt breast milk on several occasions.  I hear tales of women who lactate their entire lives!  I’ve never actually met a lady that talented.  The bad news here is that your lady is unlikely to start lactating if she hasn’t been doing it all along.  The good news is that should not stop you from exploring breast play and taboo role-play!  Breast pumps, nipple pumps, even cock pumps (when applied to the breasts) can yield incredible sensation and maybe even eek out a little liquid!  The taboo role-play options here are nearly endless.  Fantasy play including breeding, insemination, animal play, milf, all touch on the taboo that lactating offers.  The mind can take you places even if the flesh won’t!