Question from Orgasm Virgin: Hello Aiden; My question is the following, please. I have never had an Orgasm before and I wanted to know can I get an Orgasm by using Electro – play until I can Cum?

Aiden Answers: I applaud your eagerness to reach the Big O!  I love electrosex! I’ve got a whole crate full of electro toys that I hook my play partners up to on a nearly daily basis. I didn’t always, though. When I was an orgasm virgin, I started exploring my body by using my fingers.  I’d rub, touch, pinch and pull every inch of my body until I found what worked for me! Then I added lube and a little finger vibe. E-stim can offer wonderful sensations but I recommend starting smaller and working your way up.  Let me know how it goes with your hand first!