Question from Positive Abby: Love what you & Ian do! Love every episode you 2 put together! AWESOME info! My question for you is, can my master fuck me with the “Gates of Hell” cock ring on? Thinking of a new something for him & would like to try this. Also, probably should use LOTS of lube if we did try? You are the best Aiden! You & Ian keep it up. I love what you guys do.

Aiden Answers: First of all, thank you so much for the praise! It’s nice to know that other people get the same enjoyment out of XRU that I do. Making those episodes is one of the high lights of my month. It gives me a chance to hang with Ian Rath and pick his deviant brain as well as give back to my community. I’m so glad you like our show! Now for your cock ring! The answer to “Can I put this is my pussy?” is generally “Do you want to put this in your pussy?” I imagine the sensation would be similar to getting fucked by a guy with a large ring in a Prince Albert piercing. I’ve done that and it was a little too much sensation for my tiny pussy. Have you ever experienced that? If you have, and you liked it, you may like gates inside you! Once I met a very lovely (and slutty) woman on a porn set. She told me a tale of tying up her partner’s cock with lots of jute and putting a condom over it. “It was the best-ribbed condom I have ever fucked,” she said. I think her idea of a condom over what basically are VERY large ribs was a good move. It makes it smoother to avoid snags on the inside of your delicate pussy, easier for clean up, and generally safer. Your partner is a good man for being so exploratory in the bedroom! I applaud you both for your sexual creativity. Hope this helps!