Question from Alex: Hi there. I’m interested in puppy play but I’m not sure what to do or start?

Aiden Answers: Puppy play is a fantastic gateway fetish!  It can span the entire spectrum of BDSM while still maintaining a cohesive them.  I suggest starting with a leash, collar, food bowl and bone!  Find a top who shares your interests.  Every individual’s take on every fetish is very personal.  How do you feel about puppy play?  Are you a good or bad puppy?  Do you crave reward or punishment?  Do you like the idea of gags, bondage or electrical play?  The more you think about these things, the better your negotiation with your top can be.  I suggest setting yourself a 1 hour time to fantasize and flesh out your fetish as you prepare for sleep every night.  Keep a notebook by your bedside and record your ideas and fantasies.  This will help you flesh out your personal fetish.  Then, you can go online to find a partner as well as play equipment.  Becoming sexually fulfilled will enrich all aspects of your life.  Self-love is good for everyone.  Let me know how this initial task progresses, will you?