Question from Bob: Hi Aiden. First, thanks for all the fantastic information that you 2 give here on XRU! I’m a 42 male, and although I’m straight, I’ve been practicing anal sex since I’m 15 or so, with fingers, objects, dildos etc. My wife and I have always included this in our relations (we met when we were 20). My question is: over the years, I keep wanting more (bigger, longer) and can now take a fist with no problem. Are there possible long-term issue with continuous “heavy” anal play? I do my Kegels daily by the way 🙂 Thanks & love!

Aiden Answers: First I want to congratulate you on finding and fulfilling your sexual needs.  If more people went for it the way you have, the world would be a better place.  As for your anal proclivities, like all activities, everyone’s body is different.  Always remember to listen to your body and discontinue or slow play if you feel any discomfort.  Be sure to get regular check-ups with your doctor and specialists.  They will be able to tell you with scientific accuracy whether or not you have any anal issues.  I, personally, know lots of people who engage in heavy anal play on a regular basis that has not encountered any health issues as a result of their play.  I’d love it if you’d check back in with me after a checkup with your doctor.  I always appreciate access to the personal info of heavy players.  The more we are able to share with each other, the better the play scene will be for everyone!