Why is Penis Pumping so Popular?

Penis pumps offer a great opportunity to improve your sex life. Below are the main features:

  • Enlarges your penis
  • Enhances sensitivity
  • Creates an erection for most men without having to be turned on
  • Can help achieve better orgasms
  • Can improve and enhance sex

How to Enlarge Your Penis:

Penis pumps are the most popular and natural way to enlarge your penis. They work by creating a vacuum seal around the penis that pulls blood to the surface, thereby enlarging your cock. The sensations are pleasant and it will give you a rock hard erection that’s larger than normal. Eventually your dick will return to its former size. After you’ve pumped yourself up, you and your partner can enjoy the new size, shape, texture and sensitivity of your enhanced penis. Masturbate with your enlarged cock and notice the difference in how you feel or let your partner describe the differences to you.

Penis Pump Buying Guide:

Whatever your interest is in penis pumping, you are bound to find the right product for you by browsing our inventory of penis enlargement pumps and accessories.

Useful Tips on Penis Pumping

  1. Use our buying guide above to choose the right penis pump and cylinder for you.
  2. To get a better vacuum seal around your penis, you may want to shave. You don’t have to, but some men find that they get a better seal between the pump and their skin if they have smooth skin. You will want to shave the area around the base of the penis.
  3. Use a good lube like Passion Lube to coat the base of your penis and the inside of the cylinder to ensure a good, air-tight seal.
  4. Warm up your body, penis and scrotum before pumping. This relaxes the tissue and draws blood into the vessels. A warm bath or shower, sit outside in the sun or use a heating pad. Adding heat also adds another erotic element to your pumping session.
  5. Start with an erection, in order to get the maximum penis enlargement that you can obtain from penis pumping.
  6. Maintain a comfortable suction. You should never feel pain or discomfort. Do not exceed the pump manufacturer’s guidelines on suction. Once you’ve pumped up, enjoy the sensations.
  7. When you’ve had enough, release the pressure using the release valve on your pump.