Cleaning your sex toys and vibrators is not just about these toys’ maintenance. It also concerns you and your partner’s sexual hygiene. Hence, it is always important to take time for this. Here are some tips:

1. The least you can do when cleaning your sex toys is to do so after each use and before sharing with a partner. This ensures that any microscopic dirt or residue is removed before storing. If possible, also take time to clean your toys before using. This ensures you that it’s free of any contamination during storage.

2. Use warm running water and antibacterial soap to clean your sex toys. This applies to most sex toys, except high-end sex dolls. Dolls need to be wiped clean with a special cleanser instead. Always wash your sex toys thoroughly, making sure that no soap residue is left. Also dry your toy using a lint-free cloth to wipe it clean. Or, better yet, hang them so they can dry naturally.

3. Be extra careful and diligent when washing sex toys made of jelly/latex. This is because the material of these toys is porous and more prone to latching onto germs and dirt residue. This being the case, never use an abrasive when cleaning them. Abrasives will only create microscopic tears on your toys and will only worsen the overall quality of your sex toys.

4. You can boil silicone and glass sex toys. For silicone, the limit is three minutes in hot boiling water. Or, you can use your dishwasher. This gives your sex toys a more thorough clean. When using the dishwasher, do not add soap when in the wash cycle. The dry cycle is unnecessary and may even damage your toys. Just take them out and allow them to air-dry.

5. When cleaning your sex toys, make sure to seal tight all toys with battery casings. Water seepage can ruin the motors of these toys.

6. You can also sterilize glass and plastic toys. Do this after regular washing with water and antibacterial soap. The standard rubbing alcohol will do the trick. Dribble some alcohol onto your lint-free cloth and wipe your entire sex toy. Rinse the toy under running water again to remove alcohol residue. Let your toy air-dry.

7. Special materials like SexFlesh need extra care. Apart from regular washing with warm water and antibacterial soap, it is advisable to apply powder before storing these toys. The powder is designed to maintain the quality of the toys. Click Here for Sex Fresh Renew Powder

8. You can also opt to use sex toy cleaners to clean different dildos, vibrators, and love dolls. Click Here for Trinity Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

9. Leather toys, like those used in BDSM, need to be washed using a foaming cleanser. After which, scrub it down and apply hydrogen peroxide on its surface. Wipe off the hydrogen peroxide and then allow the leather toys time to air-dry.