A dildo is traditionally defined as a sex toy, phallic in appearance, that can be used for one’s individual purpose (masturbation) or for partners (sexual intercourse). You’ve seen plenty of dildos while browsing our shop and may think they’re all pretty much the same. They look like cocks and are made of some simple material so that it can be inserted and used without chaffing or irritation. Actually, there’s more to a dildo than you can imagine. When properly understood, a dildo can bring about much sexual pleasure for men and women alike.

The Materials That Make The Dildo

When considering which dildo to purchase, it’s good to weigh in the type of material that is used to manufacture the dildo. With today’s concerns over health (even sexual health), it’s always important to know what goes into your dildo, before your dildo goes into you. Here are some of the key materials and their strengths/weaknesses:

Silicone — This is one of the most pricy yet preferred materials for sex toys. Silicone has a longer shelf life than most materials and can be easily cleaned before and after use. All you would have to do is boil the dildo for 5-10 minutes and then wash with an anti-bacterial soap. The material also has the ability to retain heat and cold for long periods of time so it can warm to your body temperature (that way you wouldn’t always have to feel this cold penis going in and out of you). Silicone products are also hypoallergenic and non-porous. However, if you’re a fan of silicone lube, then don’t use a silicone dildo. The reaction would cause your silicone toy to melt.

Rubber — This type of material results in more affordable dildos. However, unlike Silicone, rubber is a porous material and keeping it clean would require a bit more effort. When using rubber toys, you may want to include a condom since rubber toys can’t be disinfected. However, at their price point, they make great dildos for those who are starting to use them.

Cyberskin Dildos — If you want the real thing, then you want a Cyberskin dildo. Cyberskin is a material that allows the dildo to take on the lifelike movement, feel and look of an actual penis. When you look at a Cyberskin dildo, you can see the realistic veins, cock head and (depending on the model) balls. Yet, when you feel one of these dildos, you’ll find that the Cyberskin is flexible enough to follow your movement, so feel free to go wild and enjoy the realistic sensations. Cyberskin dildos are easy to clean (just use anti-bacterial soap and water). However, don’t use silicone lube with one of these dildos as it will have the same reaction as a silicone dildo.

Pyrex — Pyrex is a glass. Now before you freak out about glass, understand that Pyrex is one of the better materials for dildos. Pyrex glass is handmade and can include several special and unique designs. They take on different shapes and styles which means you can get different sensations and pleasures. They are non-porous, easy to clean, phthalate-free and is compatible with any style of lubricant you desire. Also, when you’re done, you can clean it off and place it onto a shelf or desk and people who see Pyrex toys as high class works of art (not knowing that you can do much more with it behind closed doors).

What Can I Use My Dildo For?

Intercourse is usually the first answer to that question. And it seems simple. However, creative couples can find new uses for the dildo and it would ultimately enhance and reinvent their sex life.

To understand this section, you must understand that the penis is usually associated with having power. The penis is seen as the active part while the vagina is seen as the passive part. In that regard, lesbians who use dildos, may like the power that they feel from having a dildo strapped in using a strap-on harness and thrusting in and out of their partner.  She is then able to use both of her hands to feel, stroke, massage and please her partner while intercourse is still possible.

Men can find uses for a dildo during sex with their partner. If their penis has become flaccid through intercourse, or if they have some type of erectile dysfunction, they can still use a dildo to penetrate their partner and give them pleasure. Because a dildo is a sex toy and will remain erect throughout its shelf life, a male partner can continue to penetrate their partner (and pleasing them) for as long as they and their partner desire.

Pyrex dildos, as explained above, don’t even have to be used as sex toys at all. People could purchase these pieces of handmade glass and have them on display on a shelf or in some type of casing. The colors, designs and shapes of Pyrex dildos create a visual sensation as well as a sexual one.

If you’re a sexual education teacher, realistic dildos can make great demonstration pieces when you want to talk about the male sexual anatomy. Cyberskin has such a realistic look and feel that you can show how male erections work and other topics.

Some dildos allow you to place a vibrating egg inside, thereby turning them into vibrators.  Consumers who get a realistic dildo, especially enjoy that their lifelike penis can also vibrate and give them stimulations during intercourse.

Double ended dildos offer stimulation for two partners at the same time. These dildos are usually longer to accommodate both partners being able to use it and enjoy each other at the same time.

Other Key Notes to Understand

You may notice dildos that are just straight and some have a base on them. Dildos with a base are best for anal sex since the base keeps the dildo from entering all the way up the anus.  Some dildos also have suction-cup bases, so that you can place them on a flat surface and give yourself hands-free penetration without someone else having to be in the room.

There are also dildos that seem to be just too big for anyone sexual use. However, with a proper amount of lube, there have been consumers who have been able to take in large dildos. You may want to use the largest of the large dildos as gag gifts or display pieces, but should you want to attempt to use it for sexual pleasure, be sure to start slowly and use plenty of lubricant.

Dildos can be wonderful sex toys with proper care and use. Whether you’re into big, realistic cocks or simple straightforward appearances, a good dildo can give you plenty of sexual satisfaction.