This episode of ‘XR University’ How to Be a Dominant Diva features Host Ian Rath along with Co-Host; Aiden Star, Submissive; Sheena Shaw and a few interesting toys that they demonstrate. As with every show, the focus is always on the safety and trust that is involved with BDSM, Bondage and Fetish play. We begin with Aiden telling about her own personal rituals as a ‘Dominant’ before she begins with any ‘Submissive’. She talks about getting herself in the mind set of being a ‘Top’ and shares a cute tale of how she first began. Sheena talks about her choice as a ‘Bottom’ and how she adores being a ‘Brat’. With all this well-informed conversation about safety and trust is over Sheena is then transformed into the dirty ‘Submissive’ she loves being. Her willingness and enjoyment is very noticeable from basic position holding, to nipple clamp play, forced orgasm, violet wand stimulation and then ending with back, leg, feet and ass caning. All the while Sheena is receiving there is a very amusing facial expression and an intoxicating moan that is worth watching and listening too many times. Show Trivia: What is a S.A.M.?

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