Question from Own My Ass: Hello Mistress Aiden It is my desire to voluntarily go into a position of servitude and become a personal slave to a female domme. I have come to realize that my place in society is to serve my superior female humans. I am willing to give up all freedoms I have now to serve a dominant female. So, my 1st question is, are there any such individuals today who serve in such a capacity in this world where slavery is looked down on? And 2nd if such roles exist, how do I go about stepping into such a role and find a good Mistress to serve who will be a firm and loving Mistress, not an abusive Mistress. It would be an honor to have the strap on of Miss Aiden Star in my virgin ass.

Aiden Answers: Wow, this is such a complicated question on so many levels. I think I should do a “How to be owned” blog. Here are a few tips to get you started. First of all, I need to congratulate you on having formulated the self-knowledge that you do, in fact, want to be owned. Not everyone figures out what they like. Good for you for avoiding a lifetime of frustration! Since you are able to put it out there for me, try to keep putting it out there to other potential partners. The only way to find someone that you are compatible with is to be transparent. You should meet and greet as many potential partners as possible. Remember your boundaries and be clear about them. Don’t be afraid to walk away from situations with partners that don’t seem safe. You seem to have a very clear mind and a good head on your shoulders. I’ll go into this in more detail in a full blog. You have inspired me and I thank you!