On this episode of ‘XR University’ show host Ian Rath along with co-host Aiden Starr and multi-talented Dan DeArmond get together for a little anal talk. With a table full of toys straight from the ExtremeRestraints.com website, this trio digs deep into the pleasures of ass play. Aiden talks about getting comfortable and discussing what works and what does not with your partner. Dana opens up about having an anal orgasm and how it’s different than a vaginal one. Ian pulls a few toys off the table and explains the nuances of each one and how they should be inserted: answer… slowly. Of course it is not XR-U without our guests getting naked. After a quick break we return on the bed with Aiden and an unclothed Dana. Dana picks out a few toys and Aiden demonstrates on Dana’s sexy bottom. The toys are carefully and with plenty of lube inserted into Dana and she explains how they feel. It’s another climaxing show that you will be sure to enjoy, a few times. There may even be a surprise gapping or two; you’ll just have to watch the entire episode to find out.

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