On this episode of ‘XR University’ show host Ian Rath along with co-host Aiden Starr and the dazzling July Penthouse Pet, Skin Diamond discuss the practices of reaching an orgasm; beginning with the simple ways to get off to the more involved levels of achieving multiple orgasms. Skin talks about her first lover; a well-endowed man who took the time to teach her to find that magic spot for cumming with abundance. Aiden teases Ms. Diamond during the talk about G-Spot orgasm and the different ways to attain that illusive climax. Ian and Aiden go into detail about numerous orgasms and the different vibrators, dildos and wand massagers that get you there. After a short break the fun begins as Aiden and Ian secure Skin to a St. Andrews cross, attach a forced orgasm belt to her and then turn on a Thunderstick wand massager, teasing her into orgasm. From there Skin is placed on a bondage horse and allowed to pleasure herself to the point of female ejaculation; not once but multiple times. If you are in the mood for a sexy female drenched episode then grab your partner or yourself and enjoy the two year anniversary show of XR-U.

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