On this episode of ‘XR University’ The Masturbation Show host Ian Rath along with Pro Dom; Aiden Star and Adult Film Star; Dominic Pacifico discuss the pleasures and well-being of masturbating. The show begins with everyone chatting about their experiences with self-pleasure along with the health benefits. This light hearted episode has very open dialogue on the subject of autoeroticism. Ian shows off some of the latest toys that Extreme Restraints has in stock and after a quick break Aiden and Dominic strip and begin enjoying the sex toys that have been discussed and showcased. Things heat up by the end so much that this episode had to be broken down into 4 parts; you can choose what instructive scene you would like to watch. The final part however is one of the best we have ever filmed; a love doll orgy with Aiden and Dominic giving these large toys a good workout.

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Scene 1: Masturbation Talk

Scene 2: Dominic Pacifico Masturbates

Scene 3: Aiden Star Masturbates

Scene 4: Love Doll Orgy


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