On this episode of ‘XR University’ show host Ian Rath along with the lovely and talented Aiden Starr and special guest adult film star Akira Lane discuss the roles of a D/s (Dominant and submissive) relationship. Learning how to communicate with your partner is an important and vital key to having a lasting and responsible Dom / sub agreement. Ian and Aiden talk about situations from their own personal experience on building trust, when to leave a potentially uncomfortable situation and why using basic common sense when meeting someone for the first time is very important. Akira shares about an encounter that she was not comfortable with and felt it was time to leave the setting. Unfortunately not all people have the understanding to ask for what they want and Aiden stresses the importance of feeling comfortable at all times. Ian answers a few questions that came in via email about a D/s relationship being built on trust and from that pleasure can be obtained in a lasting and enjoyable way.

It would not be an XR-U Show without a demonstration. Get ready to enjoy wonderful interactions that a Dom can have over their sub. Akira becomes the very willing submissive as Aiden and Ian place her on a horse and have her assume various positions. Aiden begins by relaxing Akira and then teases her with a Wand Massager. As Akira gets comfortable and relaxes Aiden denies Akira permission to orgasm. Aiden then takes a Violet Wand and slowly moves it along Akira’s soft skin, you can see her melt, wanting so desperately to cum. Ian talks with Akira during the whole scene, asking her where she is mentally and how she is feeling physically. He stresses how important it is to pay attention to your submissive at all times. About this time Aiden gives permission for Aiden to let go and finally orgasm. It is a climatic ending to a very well informed show on trust and enjoyment in an adventurist Dom / sub relationship; a show that beginners and experienced people in the scene will find entertaining.

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Scene 1: D/s 101 Discussion

Scene 2: D/s Demonstration


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