On this episode of ‘XR University’ show host Ian Rath along with co-host Adien Starr, adult actress Casey Calvert and all the way from the UK Miss Miranda discuss and demonstrate ‘Heavy Leather Restraints’. Aiden and Ian expound upon the basic use of restraints in scene play and the gratifying role that they provide. Mistress Miranda shares her experience back in England with the use of leather and the mindset one needs to be in for such an activity. Casey who has been quiet for much of the show shares that she wants to start using the products displayed on the table. Of course it would not be an ‘XR-U’ show without someone getting naked and having a good time. Starting with a leather face mask, Casey is blindfolded, is asked to strip and then the fun begins. So sit back, relax and enjoy the naughty wickedness that begins when Casey is placed on a massage table and then slowly restrained with leather gear.